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Dr. Alchemy, Jay Garrick And New Powers Come Together In The Conclusion of Flashpoints in The Flash

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Hey Flash fans It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

The ramifications of Flashpoint conclude as Jay Garrick jumps Earths to scold Barry for abusing the timeline, leaving our Flash family stuck with the changes Barry wrought.

“Live with the mistakes and move forward” Jay advises Barry.

Which brings me to this weeks “Flashpoints”:

Flashpoint One

We get a new villain for Flash in Dr. Alchemy and a new forensic Scientist with Julian Albert played by Tom Felton, knowm for Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.

While I can’t say for certain the two characters are one and the same, I do know the comics alter ego isn’t Julian Albert but Albert Desmond. Close enough to make me wonder!

Flashpoint Two

Barry and Iris kiss again, this time for real. The Barry and Iris relationship is one of the strongest things Flash has going for it. I’m thrilled Flashpoint didn’t kill this direction.

Flashpoint Three and Final Flashpoint

Watching Cisco gain control of his Vibe powers was certainly a highlight of the episode - with Barry even suggesting a team-up! Bring it!

But it’s Caitlyn’s now active ice powers like her comic book counterpart that have me excited!

Oh and the new promos are showing us Speed Forced up Jesse Wells or as she’s called in the comics. Jessie Quick!

Plus the return of Harrison Wells!

All this and a new villain in the next episode of Flash “Magenta"!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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