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SEE IT: Millennials Try a Big Mac for the First Time

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OAK BROOK, IL -- What once was an American food staple now has a different perception, especially with today's health conscious youth. According to a recent memo sent out by the golden arches, the Big Mac is in big trouble.

Turns out, only one in five millennials has ever tasted the burger.

So, what happens when a millennial meets a Big Mac for the first time? Pure confusion.

But once they got past the fact that there’s a third bun, Ronald McDonald will be happy to know that most of the first timers that participated in a recent taste test conducted by Business Insider liked the double-stacked burger.

Well, that’s if we could actually find Ronald.

Ever since the creepy clown wave took over the country, McDonald’s has decided to keep its famous clown mascot in hiding to keep from scaring away kids and their families.

Hey, if a decrease in Ronald McDonald sightings means an increase in millennials eating Big Macs, we think that's a trade-off that'll have the fast food giant singing "I’m lovin’ it" all the way to the bank.

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