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Fashion Fix: Out of Body Experience

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DALLAS -- When it comes to art, it's easy for it to be boxed in as just paintings hanging on the walls. But three local artists wanted to change that perception.

"Doing a painting, you just have to get a nice lit shot on a wall. But wearable, there's models and all these other aspects so you have to collaborate,” says Seth Damm, designer of Neon Zinn.

And collaborate they did for one common goal -- to create an out of body experience.

KJ Moody, Creative Director and Stylist says, “You wouldn't normally see someone walking down the street with something so exquisite and different and you know weird and organic and hand done so to me that's out of body."

Photographs, illustrations and touchable jewelry framed the gallery, bringing a very interactive feel to art.

"When we ask people to come in here, we are asking them to become the body. So, when they see the pieces on the wall and downstairs, you're allowed to touch them,” says Director and Curator of Level Gallery, Brandy Michele Adams.

Through each line drawn, each piece of hand-dyed fabric the viewers were able to become the art and not just admire it.

“What I want people to take from this is a new way, or new perspective on how the concepts of art should be interpreted," says Ruben Burgess Jr, founder of SartorialNoLift. "This was a natural, new relationship through art."

With exhibitions like this one, the Dallas community will be able to find art the streets, the sky, ideas and even out everyday life.

Adams says, "The power of just letting yourself do something that you wouldn't normally do is priceless."

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