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Simon Says: Still Undecided? Don’t Be a Bonehead!

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Thankfully, Campaign 2016 will be over soon.
It’s enough already.
It’s exhausting, embarrassing and feels pointless. It’s also fitting Election Day comes right after October, because this Halloween we're getting our share of skeletons.

Yup, those boney things keep coming out of the closet for Clinton and Trump.

Emails, WikiLeaks, Tax returns, Cats……

Years from now, when kids learn about this mess, scholars will compare our choices to an empty pantry.  A pantry where the only things to choose from are a bag of moldy bread or an expired can of beets.   You’re hungry , but you’d rather starve.
I’ll let you decide who is who.

Yes, we all have an appetite for solutions, but deep down admit it:  neither of these two will change your life.  Neither will be able to work with Congress, so we're screwed.

It’s like our next president will be like a substitute teacher: the kind of person a school hopes just doesn’t screw things up.
So in our world, this campaign has come down to what will go down in the White House Situation Room.
Which one of these two do you trust at the head of the table when terror calls?

That’s it, folks.

No reason to be ‘undecided’ anymore. No reason to believe he will make “America Great” or she is “fighting for us.”
In this season of skeletons, anyone who thinks differently is just a bonehead.

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