Fort Worth Police Arrest Missing Woman’s Ex

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FORT WORTH - Day three and still no word on where Typhenie Johnson is. her ex-boyfriend has been arrested and charged with  kidnapping.

Police say Johnson was last seen outside her apartment talking to Christopher Revill, who she broke up with two months ago. A neighbor says they’ve been having a falling out but no knockdown, drag-out fights. “They had a couple of disputes, they didn’t make it a scene or nothing, they just usually leave off on their own," said Jovan Willhite.

But this time, Typhenie’s brother came out Monday to check on her. According to a police affidavit, Revill was seen with his car backed up in a grassy area with the trunk opened. He drove off and that's when the brother found Typhenie’s cell phone and her sock in the parking lot with no sign of her out there. Officers went to Revill’s home and found in the back yard, a bra with the wire on the back stretched apart and a smart watch with a broken clasp.

The neighbor says he saw Typhenie that night but didn’t think there was a problem.  He says, “She was with her friend. She had a friend with her and her friend left, and after her friend left, I haven’t heard from her since then.”

Typhenie’s brother says they still have no word from his sister and they don't have plans yet to search for her. Fort Worth police were at her apartment building Thusday morning combing through the dumpster and scoping out a nearby car in the area. Police are also searching a wooded area near Revill's home.

As for Typhenie’s neighbor, he says he thinks about her and hopes she’s safe.“When I think about her it takes chills out of my heart, she was a calm and collected girl," said Willhite.

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