Who Dak?! Prescott Lands Sports Illustrated Cover

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FRISCO — We all know the good old Sports Illustrated cover urban legend.  You know, the jinx, where players who appear on the cover experience bad luck on the field.

Yeah well, Sports Illustrated has decided to place rookie quarterback Dak Prescott on the cover and we’re sure Cowboys fans are praying the curse is nothing more than folklore.

Yet, while Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 4-1 record so far and hasn’t thrown an interception in 155 pass attempts (a rookie record), Coach Jason Garrett isn’t going to even entertain the idea of a jinx.

Coach Garrett is more interested in talking’ shop, like the possible return of Dez Bryant.

“The plan right now is for him to work on the side,” said Garrett. “So we’ll see how that plays out.”

Since suffering from a hairline fracture in his right knee, Dez has missed two games but is set to return to practice on Wednesday and take on the Packers Sunday.

“We`ll see how the work goes today. He’s certainly making progress day by day so today`s an important day for him to continue to make some steps,” says coach Garrett.

But, the boys have been able to move the ball even with their number one receiver on the sidelines. Mostly due to Ezekiel Elliot’s take-the-ball-and-run attitude and Dak’s pocket patience.

“My mind is to go and that’s what I’m working towards and if I’m able to roll I’m going to roll if I’m not I’m not,” says Bryant.

But it certainly can’t hurt to have the “X” front and center when it comes time to face the green and gold.