Preparing for Global War? Putin Orders Russian Officials Back Home

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA -- We may be past the Cold War, but it's probably safe to say that the current relationship between the United States and Russia can be best described as a bit frosty.

Tensions between the two countries is increasing amid news that Russia is ordering all its government officials to fly home any relatives living abroad due to the threat of global war. The move is being taken seriously since the warning reportedly came from President Vladimir Putin himself.

Putin also recently canceled a visit to Paris due to international anger over recent Russian backed airstrikes in Syria. The country is also facing international backlash for moving nuclear capable missiles near the Polish border.

This latest incident just adds to the laundry list of grievances the United States has accused Russia of doing. Another example being the cyber-attacks that have led to several high profile political email hacks. Russian’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed Wednesday, “Well it`s flattering of course to get this kind of attention...We have not seen a single fact, a single proof.”

Is this the beginning of a worldwide conflict with Russia? Putin seems to think so and it appears he`s not taking any chances.