Awww… Bouncing Baby Elephant Debuts at Dallas Zoo

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DALLAS -- The folks over at the Dallas Zoo are finally showing off their brand new bouncing bundle of joy -- a baby African elephant!

"Ajabu is just under five months of age, and today is the day we've been waiting for," Harrison Edell with the Dallas Zoo told NewsFix. "We are bringing him out for the guests at the Zoo."

That's right. Back in May, Ajabu was born, weighing in at a whopping 175 pounds. And Wednesday, he got a chance to show off to the public!

"We were so excited to see it because we have a baby, too," zoo visitor Amanda Elam said. "It's so funny that the Dallas Zoo had to baby proof the zoo."

Yep, they took baby-proofing to a whole new level to keep this infant safe.

"When we built the barns, originally, we built it with adult elephants in mind," said Edell. "This baby was a little bit of a surprise calf, so we had to literally attach links in between some of the ballards in the barn just to prevent him from walking out of the stalls."

You can get your chance to see this baby in action starting this week. It might be an experience you'll never forget.