Boom Box: How much are concerts really worth?

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DALLAS -- You like concerts?  Yeah, we do, too!  The best compliment you can give an artist is not only buying their music but shelling out the ticket price to see them live.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see if that ticket price is a great deal?   Well, a British website broke down how much you are paying for each song they perform.  Now the price is in pounds, so the conversion is a little tricky.

Let`s start with Adele. You're paying about $5 a song, but we can do better. Coldplay is about $4.70 a song. Beyoncé is charging just under $4 a son. Of course, that comes with the sexy performances, what a bargain!

But the best deals in the concert world are Rhianna and Kanye!  Each of those concerts will cost you about $3.57 per song. And just think, you get the Kanye rants for free!  Now that's a real deal!

So, if you're watching your money you can do this yourself!  Get the set list, compare it to your ticket price and see what each song will cost you.

That's, of course, if you have nothing better to do!