Arrow Premiere Gets Dark As Oliver Struggles, New Villains Arise And Characters Debut

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics recapping the season premiere of Arrow.

First off - whoa!

Oliver killed that rogue cop working for Tobias Church!

It’s going to provide a dark side to Oliver as he struggles to balance his day job as Mayor and his job as Green Arrow.

We’re already starting to see the cracks as he’s unable to keep up with his responsibilities as Mayor. Will his dark side be his undoing?

And what those new recruits I talked about?

Felicity is hard at work assembling a new team behind a reluctant Oliver. In this episode we get a brief Wild Dog, Curtis Holt, asking to be trained and Evelyn Sharp on Felicities monitor.

Oh! And Ski googles!?

Hold up. Freeze frame. Is that the DC character “the Vigilante?”

Plus at the end of the episode we get a new love for Felicity and a new archer Villain.

Could this new love also prove to be one the new heroes I’ve talked about or was the introduction of a new character and new villain too coincidental?

Between a new evil archer and probably season big bad in Tobias Church, Team Arrow will need to form fast.

And we’ll get that in Arrow episode 2 - “The Recruits!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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