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10 DFW Fast Food Items I Can’t Believe Exist (And Maybe Shouldn’t)

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

Once upon a time, fast food meant food that can be prepared quickly or easily to be sold to waiting customers. Eventually, the idea of fast food changed to lesser quality restaurants that sold pre-made, pre-packaged, occasionally flavorless bites to eat through a drive-thru window. Over the past decade, fast food has had another turn around and is quickly returning to its original state.

Whether it’s the fastest McDonald’s or the slowest chic restaurant, the rejuvenation of quality fast food has pushed for most restaurants to change their menu. The results of these menu upgrades can sometimes be strange and extraordinary, weird and fascinating, and occasionally, disgusting.

Restaurants in Dallas are no different than restaurants across the world: They’re all trying to entice their customers to try something new.  Let’s take a look at some of the more unique, and in some cases, mind-boggling menu choices found in the Metroplex.


Croutons on a Shake

A strange combination, but typically tasty, the After School Special at Hop Doddy‘s is a shake for the adventurous. Seasonal and special, this frosty little number is not always available, but definitely worth the wait. All natural peanut butter and grape jelly is blended with spiced vanilla ice cream, and topped with whipped cream and croutons. The result of this combination is like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but better.


The Butcher’s Mac-N-Cheese

The Butcher’s Son is known for their barbecue, and their food truck is always a welcome sight for the hungry. One surprisingly tasty delight is a starchy original called the Mac-N-Beefy. This deliciously decadent sandwich includes braised beef, a baked mac-n-cheese square, BBQ sauce and cheddar on a Brioche slider roll.


Tofu and Doritos

The last thing most people expect to find at a Vietnamese restaurant is snack chips, especially Doritos, but that is exactly what is often purchased at Da Lat Restaurant & Bar. The Dorito-viche is a tofu-based, Vietnamese cabbage salad served over a bed of Doritos. The combination may sound off, but is actually a pretty tasty blend of flavors with a nearly perfect crunch to each bite.


Elvis Is In The Building

There is such a thing as trying too hard, but according to the fans of this strange combination (a yeast-raised donut with peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey), Hypnotic Donuts didn’t try, they perfected. The donut, titled Evil Elvis, is a blend of sweet and salty, sticky and doughy, crispy and soft…basically, you name it, this donut has it.


It’s a Hamburger…Taco

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Apparently, the Velvet Taco wanted the burger joints customers, too. These nefarious, patron-stealing reasons have to be why Velvet created their utterly delicious bacon burger taco. The BB taco is an 80/20 hamburger patty, peppered bacon, smoked cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, and velvet sauce with a flour tortilla to serve as the bun. That’s not a taco! Yet, it is.


Balls For Dessert

Dessert is a necessary partner to dinner. Without it, things just feel a bit incomplete. However, eating goat balls is not necessarily what most of us would consider a sweetly anticipated end of the night. Thankfully, Rodeo Goat‘s Goat Balls are just fried brie with blueberry compote. They may look amusing on the menu, and fun to mention to friends as part of an order, but their real ingenuity can be found in every mouth-watering bite.


Food For Scratch



Coconut oil may be the end-all be-all for some Dallasites, but you’ll rarely see it on the menu at most of our restaurants. However, Chicken Scratch‘s Chicken and Coconut Waffle is a different story. The coconut waffle, covered with tantalizing shreds of coconut, whipped butter, and coconut, maple, chili syrup, is accompanied with one of three styles of chicken, making it a popular choice for any chicken and waffle connoisseur.


Herring Mystery

Here’s a red herring that only leads to satisfaction. For those who like fish, The Russian Banya has you covered. The Dressed Herring, “colloquially known as herring under a fur coat, is a layered salad composed of diced, pickled herring covered with grated, boiled vegetables, chopped onions and mayonnaise.”  It should come as no surprise that the weirdest or for some, most unappetizing, combinations can sometimes taste like a salt fish escapade. It’s up to you to try it and decide.


Pork For Your Belly

Pork eaters abound in Texas, but not every Dallasite is going to throw down on pigs feet and chitterlings. But what about pork belly? At Mot Hai Ba, the Bun Cha Hanoi is made from char-grilled pork belly, pork meatballs, and vermicelli tossed together with herbs in an imperial roll.


More Balls For Your Mouth

There’s just something wicked about ordering balls off of a menu. This time, it’s Moth Balls from the Meddlesome Moth. These tasty little treats, like the Goat Balls, are made from cheese, but that’s where the similarities end. Aged ricotta inside a light shell swim in cream sauce that has been laced with fried sage and butter. If that doesn’t sound like perfection in every morsel, try it so you can understand that that’s exactly what it is.


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