Rangers Clean Out Lockers While Still Processing Season Ending Sweep

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ARLINGTON -- The picture defined the regular season for the Texas Rangers, but for the second straight year it was the Toronto Blue Jays punching out the Rangers' World Series chances. This time, though, it was a series sweep.

That led to an earlier-than-expected cleaning out the lockers day at Globe Life Park, and this day never gets easier.

“To lose in that fashion, obviously you’re pouring your heart and soul into that moment," said Relief Pitcher Sam Dyson.

Blue Jays fans are no doubt relishing that the man who threw that May punch, Rougned Odor, also threw the wild ball that brought in the series ending run. For the Rangers, it just feels like a lost opportunity.

“For me, there’s not a lot more opportunity," said 19-year veteran Adrian Beltre. "My window is closing more than other guys that are younger, so for me, it’s more difficult."

So what's next for the boys in blue and red?

“First of all spend time with my family, but you know, after that I’m just going to keep working hard," said Rookie Nomar Mazara. "I don’t take too much time off. Maybe five days."

And coming back clearheaded for another run next year.“We believe we still have a good team here to do it next year and the next couple years," Beltre said. "It’s never going to be easy as the competition gets harder and harder, but it’s our part to find a way how to get in the postseason again and definitely win it.”

Good news! There's only 131 days until Spring Training!