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Did Glenn Beck Really Endorse Hillary Clinton?

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DALLAS -- Is it just us - or does it seem like more and more people are jumping off the Trump train? It really started to empty after the vulgar tape with Billy Bush in it made headlines.

Since then, Republicans in Congress have distanced themselves from him. And now conservative talk show host - and North Texas resident - Glen Beck has had enough.

He wrote a Facebook post which - on the surface - may look like a Hillary Clinton endorsement to some.

But he's not endorsing Clinton. He's basically saying that his conservative principles do not allow him to support Trump and he is willing to accept a Clinton presidency.

So it's a safe bet that Beck did not attend the private fundraiser for Trump on Tuesday at the Hilton off I-635 in Dallas.

But will (as Trump puts it) "disloyal R's" be the final push that derails his bid for president? One thing is for certain: we'll all find that out in just under a month - on November 8th.

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