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The ‘No Fun League’ Just Got Less Social

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NEW YORK -- First, it was fining players for dancing, then came fines for using imaginary bow and arrows. But now, the "No Fun League" has its sights set on making social media less fun.

According to two league memos, teams are no longer allowed to shoot video inside a stadium during a game then post it on social media. The mandate also extends to Facebook Live and Periscope, which are now banned from being used by teams during games as well.

Clubs are also forbidden from posting highlights from TV directly to social media. Yes, even posting animated GIFs are a no-no.

It’s something the sports blog SB Nation poked fun at over the weekend.

Fines for violating the policy can be as steep as $100,000.

But the NFL has other issues right now because, apparently, America’s answer to the question, “Are you ready for some football?” is a big fat no.

Based on a report from Sports Business Daily, viewership for Sunday Night Football is down 10%, Thursday Night Football is down 15%, and Monday Night Football is down 19%.

Part of the explanation comes from games directly competing with this year's presidential debates. But over half of people who are watching less of the NFL say it's due to the controversial national anthem boycotts as well as concussion and player safety issues.

Only time will tell if this dip in viewership ends up being a major hit on the NFL's bottom-line.

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