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Rangers get Swept, While Cowboys get Hot

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A dramatic reenactment of DFW sports fans on Sunday night!

A dramatic reenactment of DFW sports fans on Sunday night!

It was the best of times… it was the worst of times.

Yeah, DFW sports fans had some serious mood swings on Sunday, watching Zeke and the Boys demolish the Bengals and then witnessing the Rangers completing their postseason collapse in a walk-off error against the Blue Jays.

“It’s disappointing in the sense that we’re not going to continue to play,” manager Jeff Banister said after the sweep at the hands of Toronto. “Uphill battle down 2, down early in this game but I’m most proud of how our guys continued to battle.”

Well, the battle is officially lost for Texas now, and their eighth postseason appearance in club history ends the same way the previous seven did: in heartbreak.

But turn those frowns upside down! While the Rangers head into the cold embrace of the off-season, the Cowboys are the hottest thing in the NFL right now.

With four straight wins, the Boys are looking like a big time contender.

“You try to build a team and that’s the day one message,” Jason Garrett said of his team’s success. “It’s a daily endeavor for all of us to try to do that better and better and better and you want all of that stuff to show up on Sundays and I think it did yesterday against Cincinnati.”

Hey, seasons change, and as the Rangers summer turns into the Cowboys fall, just be grateful you’ve got Dak and Zeke to take your Beltre and Rougie pain away.

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