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How to Enjoy the State Fair of Texas Without Breaking the Bank

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DALLAS -- When it comes to Texas traditions, it doesn't get much bigger than the State Fair. The food, the rides, Big Tex, and beautiful Fall weather?! What could be better??

Well, how about all that, but without paying an arm and a leg?? At full price, it's almost $80 just to get a family of four into Fair Park, and then ya still gotta pony up for the games, rides, and food!

But! There are a bunch of ways to get your Fair fix without breaking the bank, especially if you go on a Tuesday or a Thursday.

Thursdays are for the foodies. The Fair has dozens of Thrifty Thursday deals - cutting the price of fair classics like funnel cake, fried Oreos, and corn dogs by as much as half!

And you can get in for just $6 on Thursdays if you bring an empty 20-ounce bottle of Coke.

But if you plan to bring your own food - or you're just all about the rides - Tuesday's the day for you. Bring an empty can of Dr Pepper per person, and pay just $5 a ticket. Then, enjoy most of the rides on that famous Midway for just 6 coupons, instead of the 10-12 they normally cost.

Yeah, we know, rides on Tuesday vs food on Thursday isn't an easy choice, but hey, you could do both for the price of one trip on a Saturday.

And let's be honest: the food and the rides might not mix all too well anyway.

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