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‘Donald Trump and Chair’ Spurs Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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The town hall style setting for Sunday night’s second presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump not only contributed to the unique dynamic of the evening, but also made for some rather interesting camera shots.

As each candidate walked the stage, answering questions from voters, you could many times see the other candidate seated or standing or moving about in the background.

One of these moments in particular has spawned a Photoshop battle, a popular task among Reddit users.

The image shows an intense-looking Clinton answering a question while Trump stands in the background, mouth agape, and holding on to a chair.

Reddit user GandalfSwagOff posted the photo with the caption “PsBattle: Donald Trump and his chair. Feat: Hillary.”

And so the games began.

One user added in an awkward embrace and kiss from John Travolta.

Another Photoshopped in Joe Biden’s famous hair sniff.

Maybe Hill and Don were just really hungry the whole time?

It turns out, those hoagies were just the appetizer. Things then got really crazy. We apologize for the images you’re about to see.

Sniff sniff?

Actually, this election is starting to feel like “The NeverEnding Story.”

The lines of politics are certainly being blurred.

Well, now that you’ve suffered all that visual abuse, we’re happy to report it looks like Donald and Hillary made up.

Keep up the good work, people of Reddit!

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