8 Ways to Kick Back and Meditate (Even During Election Season)

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

A peaceful state of mind is often hard to come by these days.

Between work, family, school, and the ever present pressures of social media, sometimes scoring a day to yourself (or even a moment) is few and far between.

Oh yeah, and it’s election season.

If we’re this stressed out by our day-to-day, how are we expected to make decisions like choosing our next president?

Whether you’re voting or undecided, we’ve compiled a list of ways to find your inner peace before casting your ballot.

Just Breath

Yoga and Pilates abound in DFW, and why not? These are the tried and true methods of relaxation and meditation. Before hitting the polls, perhaps hit a spot like The Art of Living. This business provides meditation, retreats, and shows you how to “explore laws that govern the mind and how they impact our happiness, as well as experience the power of energizing breathing techniques and relaxing meditation.”

Surely, that bit is something we all need before we pick a side and queue up!


Soak the Angst Away

Before jumping out into the world of Democrat versus Republican, why not take a moment to relax?

What says stress relief better than a hot bath, some candles, a glass of wine, and perhaps, a book? Aromatherapy is a real and necessary experience when it comes to soothing your savage beast enough to choose your voting angle. This technique comes with planning since you may need to make a trip to Lush, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite liquor store for a bottle of wine.


Art is Cathartic

Relax your mind, and allow it to drift in a sea of colors…ones that are preferably not only red, white and blue. Before this election season culminates in November, take a moment to check out some of the art and wine classes that are offered in DFW.

Pinot’s Palette, which offers Paint and Sip classes on the regular, is not only a fun way to let go of your stress, but you can take home a piece of art to display during your election party. The best part is the therapeutic effects of painting, or is the best part the wine? You decide.


Silence is Golden

They say to never discuss religion or politics with your friends or family. If you adhere to this school of thought, you may want to find a quiet corner to reflect on your presidential choice.

Dallas is full of small, beautiful corners, and grand sprawling parks. Any of these austere spaces can easily be your space to breathe. With that said, why not check with the Dallas Park and Recreation for a park near you? If you’re not the park type, there’s always the rock garden at the Dallas Museum of Art. Take a moment to catch some quiet.


What You Knead

This year’s election is tense, and that tension has been thrown at us non-stop for months. Sometimes, the best response is a day at the spa. Nothing feels better than pampering yourself, and the center of that day of relaxation is the ultimate massage. There are almost as many massage parlors as restaurants in Dallas, and choosing the right one can be difficult. However, be it Green Lotus Spa, Massage Envy, or a different option, loosening those stiff muscles can do wonders for stress levels.


Have Some Fun

Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. We need them during this election! One of the best way to get a flood of these natural high-inducing hormones, is to just let loose and have some fun. Be it ice skating at the Galleria, a night at the Addison Improv, or a moment of breathless laughter with friends, most people find themselves much more relaxed after a night of joy and entertainment.


Sweat the Stress Away

Between Hilary and Trump, some of us just want to run away from them both. Get those endorphin hormones moving with another endorphin booster: the adrenaline pumping (then crashing) experience of working up a sweat, i.e., exercise. The flood of feel good hormones come after working out, but may also appear when the results of your struggles reveal themselves in a new pants size. It’s a win-win situation.


Take a Staycation Before the Polls

It’s nice to get away from whatever is causing you to stress, and in this case, a day without a television or cell phone may be just the thing. A definite destressor is a staycation. Grab a room at the Omni, or relax the day away by the Joule’s pool. Maybe go the Fort Worth Stock Yards, or have dinner the Ball of the Reunion Tower.


Bonus Tip: Use Science to Help Get Over the Plateau

iLipo Laser Lipolysis at Total Med Solutions

Want to ensure you look your best for casting that ballot? If traditional weight loss isn’t working and you’re having issues with specific areas on your body, you may want to consider iLipo Laser Lipolysis.

The out-patient procedure is available through Total Med Solutions in Dallas and Plano. iLipo Laser Lipolysis is one of the most advanced cellulite reduction technology on the market. It works by emitting low levels of laser energy, which send signals to the fat cells stored in the body. This signal, in turn, breaks down the fat cells. Triglycerides found in those fat cells are then converted into fatty acids and glycerol — energy.

So not only are you shaping your body, but you’re gaining energy while doing so — energy you can put toward living a healthier life.

Now get out there and vote!


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