Simon Says: Scared of Clowns? I Know Why & It’s Shocking!

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DALLAS -- My favorite line from the movie Goodfellas is when Joe Pecci says, “I’m funny, how,  like a clown. I amuse you?”

How many times have you said that the past few weeks?

Well, there’s nothing amusing about all the creepy clown stories on the news. All over the country, people are putting on a masks and scaring you, or a clown wannabee is tweeting or posting some kind of "Clown-pocolypse."

We’ve seen this kind of thing before. Before clowns, we’ve seen things like ‘Slender man’ or ‘Bloody Mary’ and someone you may know perpetuating a myth by adding grease to the hoax kitchen fire.

Most of time, a threat we hear about IS a hoax, but  THAT had me thinking -- why do so many people jump on the fear bandwagon?
Is it because so many of us are followers? Is it because it’s easier to scare  someone from behind a keyboard ?

Psychologists have thought the same thing.  A recent New York Times story asked two of them why they thought this clown thing has gotten out of hand. One  said it’s a need for people to “feel connected to a news event. ” The other psychologist said the epidemic of clown sightings is “mass hysteria” as people’s “fears and feelings fed on one another.”

Okay, a connection to a news event and fears and feelings. Hmmmmmm… that’s  why Donald Trump has been so popular!
Since the first day of his campaign, the message has targeted to your fears.

If I haven’t convinced you, just go watch the famous reference to Mexican immigrants again. You know, the drugs, crime and rapists thing.

Be afraid, Be very afraid.

It’s right out of the hoax playbook! And now half the country thinks he’s a fraud!  The other half is eating every word and loving every minute of it.

The irony: we now have not one, but TWO clowns scaring the hell out of us!

Sorry folks, I know many of you won’t be smiling with your choices on election day.