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Paging El Peso Hero! Superhero Reps Young Mexican-Americans

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MCKINNEY -- "El Peso Hero" is a contradiction from the start, and that's intentional.

"Border patrol agents start calling him 'El Peso Hero,' trying to devalue his heroics like, 'You're not worth a peso,'" creator and 5th grade North Texas teacher Hector Rodriguez explained.

He has super strength and impenetrable skin, but El Peso Hero, like the people he represents, also has to learn to turn a taunt into a positive.

"He takes that name and owns it. He's like, 'You know what, I am El Peso Hero, and what I'm doing is good,'" Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez made the move to create a Hispanic superhero, a rare chance to connect to minority kids the way Batman or Superman can't.

"They'll enjoy a story or two, but at the end of the day it's not their hero," Rodriguez said about kids reading traditional comics. "Writing about El Peso Hero I'm writing about the challenges they're facing."

Those challenges include some very real stuff.

"Whatever political side folks come in, it affects them," Rodriguez said. "They're listening. They are listening. They're listening, and they're hearing the messages coming across. They're afraid. They don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring to them."

Bring any huge, beautiful walls to mind? It did for Rodriguez, leading him to have one of his writers design a cover with El Peso Hero punching Donald Trump in the face.

El Peso Hero punches Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump on the cover of one of his comic books. (Pic:

El Peso Hero punches Donald Trump on comic book cover. (Pic:

"It is standing against bigotry, standing against those remarks," Rodriguez said. "We created an homage to Jack Kirby's Captain America in 1941."

That's in reference to Kirby's Captain America cover during World War II that depicted the Red, White, and Blue superhero punching German leader Adolf Hitler the same way El Peso Hero took down the Donald.

The larger point remains, though. Our Hispanic minority won't be a minority in Texas much longer, and they need someone to stand for their cause. They need El Peso Hero!

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