UT Students Actually Falling for This iTunes Gift Card Scam

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AUSTIN -- We've got a scam alert for you. Someone is calling students at UT Austin telling them to pay their "student taxes" to the IRS by buying iTunes gift cards.

Two students actually fell for the scam this past week. According to the Dallas Morning News, one student spent $2,000 on iTunes cards before reporting it. Another spent $650!

And as easy as it may be for an A&M alum to make fun of that, this kind of scam is actually happening all over the country.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the scammers are using iTunes gift cards because they can have large limits, are easily available, and difficult to track.

Just remember: if someone calls you claiming they're with the IRS and they are saying that you owe them money immediately, it's a scam. The IRS says they would never do that. They would also never threaten to arrest you, require a specific payment method, or ask for card numbers over the phone.

So, you've been warned. Don't get fooled.