Judge: No, Ethan Couch, I Won’t Throw the Judge Off Your Case

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FORT WORTH-The “Affluenza” teen certainly didn’t get what he wanted Friday morning.

His lawyers tried – and failed – to get Judge Wayne Salvant thrown off his case.

You know, the one where Ethan Couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash when he was 16.

Got probation.

Screwed that up.

Screwed up even more when he ran off to Mexico with his mom.

Then came back just in time for his 19th birthday to see his case moved to adult court.

Judge Salvant sent Couch to jail for two years for violating probation.

Earlier this week, Couch’s lawyers tried to have Judge Salvant removed from the case, saying a criminal court judge shouldn’t have jurisdiction in what was originally a juvenile case.  They also said they could sue Salvant for “wrongful incarceration.”  And because of the threat of a lawsuit, Salvant would have a financial interest in what happened to Couch in the future.

Meanwhile, Couch’s mother still faces charges for their trip to Mexico.  She could actually face more time behind bars than her son. She’s been working at a bar in Azle. She’s not allowed to drink alcohol, but no one said anything about serving it. Her lawyers say she’s broke and they’re asking the county to  pick up the tab for her defense.

And it looks like Ethan Couch’s prison time is going to stick, at least for now, because another judge refused to take Salvant off the case.

The question now: What’s Ethan’s team gonna come up with next?