So, Boob Masks are Now a Thing

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DALLAS -- Ladies, you know that amazing feeling you get when you take your bra off after a long day?


Yasss! There's nothing better, right? Well, a new product out of Japan claims it can make your breasts feel and look just as amazing. Now introducing, boob sheet masks.


It's basically a face mask for your lady bits. You slap them on your girls and voila!

"My boobs are better than ever," a beauty blogger said in her YouTube review. "My skin is super soft. It's the softest I've felt in a long time."

One brand even claims it can perk up your saggy breasts in less than 30 minutes.

Uhh... we find that hard to believe, but the good news here, if you've got champagne taste on a beer budget, this Bud's for you. These babies are going as low as six bucks on Amazon.

But what's up with that cutout? Nipples need love, too!

Check out this full review below: