Disturbing Dallas: Finding the ‘Stranger Things’ of DFW

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

With the popularity of Netflix’s newest series Stranger Things, we decided to take a look at the strange and creepy (or just plain weird) in DFW.

From ghosts to unsolved mysteries, Dallas has more than its fair share of the frightening. And, with Halloween less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about the spooky.

Let’s take a look at some of the “stranger things” found in our own city.


Cemetery Voices

“Will? Is that you?” Joyce Byers must be hearing voices again.

Ross Cemetery in McKinney is one of the oldest graveyards in the DFW area. The cemetery is rumored to be a location where EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) can be recorded. One ghost hunter even went as far as to record what he thought were voices. Check out his YouTube channel here.


While You Were Sleeping

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The year was 1971. American Pie was the song of the year, shimmer eye shadow was a must, and everyone had at least one pair of bell bottoms. Yet everything in Dallas wasn’t hunky dory. Carolyn Montgomery, a North Dallas cocktail waitress, was found stabbed to death in her living room while her six-year-old son peacefully slept in his room. A note was left carved into a picture frame, “The wrong one. I’m sorry.” To this day, the killer has not been found.

Perhaps Barb was the wrong one, too. We can at least hope.


Up in the Air! It’s a Bir-Wait, What is That?

Since the early 1950s, UFOs have been sighted over Dallas. Well, according to some people, they were UFOs, perhaps they were just science experiments like on our favorite show. Regardless, the phenomena has continued over the past sixty years, sometimes en masse. While proof of aliens does not currently exist, based on what they’ve seen in the sky, some Dallasites are pretty sure of their existence.


Spirits at the Hotel

The Adolphus Hotel has rumors of haunting that date back to the hotel’s creation. Always a high-end hotel, the Adolphus is known as one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Strains of Big Band music float through the air from an unknown source, a woman cries, children laugh, and unseen hands tap your shoulder. The most told tale is that of a jilted bride who killed herself on the 19th floor. Don’t believe it? Go have a nightly stay and see for yourself.


Caution on the Highway

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Eight interstates, six U.S. routes, eight state highways, two loops, seven spurs, and five tollways run through, around, or past Dallas. Now all these numbers likely mean nothing to most people, but the fact is: Texas leads the nation in unsolved serial highway murders, and with this many highways circling our patch of land, it’s likely a future victim or perpetrator is riding past us on the highway on any day.

If that doesn’t give you chills, you’ve got a steel spine.


Haunting on the Hill

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Welcome to Flag Pole Hill, one of the highest points near White Rock Lake. Any Dallasite worth their salt knows you don’t drive down the road near Flag Pole at night. Rocks and apparitions throw themselves at your car and supposed spirits from a neighboring house invite you inside. Known as a definitely unlucky spot, it’s better to just visit the hill, and its ghosts, in the daylight.

I’m sure if Johnathan Byers were to shoot some photos here, he’d find something.


This Way to the Goat Man

Constructed in 1884, Old Alton Bridge, also known as Goat Man’s Bridge, is the location of numerous rumors about haunting, deviltry, and creepiness. The bridge is the supposed site of the 1938 lynching of Oscar Washburn, a black goat farmer who was allegedly hung, but never found. Many believe Oscar the Goat Man haunts the bridge and causes disappearances, deaths, and paranormal activity.

This is Demogorgon level scary.


Prescient President

✖️marks the spot where John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.

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One dark part of Dallas history is JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. Those names will forever be synonymous with a terrible day for the U.S., and a black mark on Dallas’s name. Yet, on the morning of November 22, 1963, JFK said to his wife, “We’re heading into nut country today. But Jackie,” he added, “if somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?” Hours later, he was dead to exactly that. Talk about strange.


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