Boom Box: How Hip Hop Artists Stay Relevant

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DALLAS -- Many adult hip hop fans have noticed their favorite artists are no longer on the charts. So how do those artists stay relevant?

Well, it looks like many hip hop artists have found a way to keep themselves popular -- acting!

Think about it: There are so many hip hop artists that are in front of the camera more so than any other genre of music.

Will Smith, for instance. He's an A-list actor with a filmography longer than his discography. Ice Cube is another one. He’s an actor, producer, writer and director for several projects.

Queen Latifah has starred in several movies, dramas, musicals and comedies.  Not to mention she had her own talk show and has been the host for many award shows.

Let's not forget LL Cool J. He has starred in some movies; not all of them great, but still. He's also found a home with NCIS: Los Angeles and other television appearances.  He has even hosted the Grammys!

Among one of the biggest stars is 50 Cent.  Currently, he has one of the most popular TV shows on cable with Power. The list goes on: Common, Ice T, Mos Def, and even DFW’s own Erykah Badu has acting credits.

So the lesson is, after hip hop, go to Hollywood! They love hip hop and it's stars!