Arrow: Recap And A Look At What Characters Are Coming to Season 5!

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We’re starting off Season 5 of Arrow with Oliver Queen appointed interim mayor of Star City.

It’s an exciting development, knowing Oliver’s passion for social justice and his love of Star City.

DC comic fans will recognize from this from storyline One Year Later, in which the comics Oliver Queen also become mayor.

This presents new challenges for Oliver beyond costumed villainy.

Not every political enemy and business power player problem can be solved with an Arrow.

Speaking of Arrows: We’re starting this season with Team Arrow decimated.

Thea Queen is no longer Speedy, John Diggle re-enlisted and Detective Lance left Star city after the death of his daughter Laurel Lance - Black Canary.

With the team down to Oliver and Felicity, what new heroes will rise to protect Star City?

Let’s talk about new recruits! It’s possible we could see some returning heroes from the Arrowverse like:

  • Vixen
  • Huntress
  • Wildcat/Ted Grant
  • Constantine
  • Roy Harper/Arsenal

But let’s identify the players teased in the new season promos.

Comic fans will recognize vigilante fighter Wilddog and then there’s Ragman, possibly sporting his Suit of Souls.

Plus, we get shots of Curtis Holt training with Oliver. In the comics, Curtis’ counterpart is Michael Holt AKA Mr. Terrific!

Like Michael Holt, Curtis is a tech wiz and identifies himself as a former Olympian.

Besides being one of the smartest men alive, Mr. Terrific has these cool three rubber ball-sized devices known as the T-spheres that allow him all sorts of defensive and offensive capabilities.

Plus, his tech abilities keep him invisible to electronic surveillance.

In the comics Mr. Terrific is also a member of the Justice Society of America, a team making it’s debut in Legends of Tomorrow.

We have yet to see if there’s a connection to Arrow.

Fans may also recognize the return of Evelyn Sharp. This time around, instead of masquerading as Black Canary she’s back as Artemis!

There are two character’s named Artemis in the DC Universe.

The first is an Amazonian archer and the second is more closely related to Green Arrow.

That Artemis made her original debut in the Young Justice animated cartoon as a replacement for Green Arrow’s Speedy.

So get ready fans. There’s a new Team Arrow and the recruitment drive starts now. Team Arrow needs you!

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