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National Beer Day On Tap In The U.S

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Everybody raise a glass because it is National Drink A Beer Day!

Not to be confused with National Beer Day or Beer Can Appreciation Day, but another day designated for you to enjoy that brew.

“We are probably going to have a big day in beer drinking,” bartender Leon McKinney told Newsfix.

The folks at Tutta’s Pizza, serve up a little more than your typical slice of pizza, they also have craft beers on tap. They say this day is not just about tossing back  a cold one, but also learning about craft beers made in your own backyard.

“Any reason to get people in the restaurant and in the bar experiencing something that`s not just Keystone light or the typical everyday average beer. We can educate you on how these beers are made,” Owner Jeremy Scott said.

His lead bartender agreed, “It is definitely about the production and when you get something in a more natural state of beer and then it's delivered close, like 15 miles from the brewery to us you`re getting a more natural beer.”

“I am the type of person, that I believe if you understand  the nuance behind why something was created it allows you an opportunity to open up and enjoy it,” Scott added.

Also, don't forget Thursday is National Coffee Day, you know, to give you a chance to sober up. So take this as a learning opportunity but just do it responsibly.

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