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America, Truck Yeah! Chevy Truck Pulls ‘Largest Flag Ever’ at TMS

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FORT WORTH -- A world record was set at Texas Motor Speedway Wednesday, and it had nothing to do with racing cars.

Nope, Chevrolet took over the track to show off its new trucks.  And after letting some loyal customers take some laps, it was time to bring out something a little bigger, and a lot more patriotic.

"We've got a 3,200 square foot U.S. flag," said Chevrolet rep Sandor Piszar. "We've got Guinness Book of World Records here to certify that."

Hey, you know what they say about "Everything in Texas," right?  But flying a flag this big required a little more preparation than usual.

"It's critically important that it does not touch the ground," Piszar said. "We have an elaborate rigging system in the bed of the truck, and we have a crew of 14 people to ensure that the flag will never touch the ground."

The preparation paid off, and the flag pull was a success.  Chevrolet will be in the next Guinness Book of World Records for "Largest banner flown by a car," and the giant flags themselves (one U.S. and one Texas) will be on display with the State Fair kicks things off this Friday.

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