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1st Grade Letters Find Special Place in the Hearts of 1st Responders

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FORT WORTH -- The note, scrawled out in pencil with a hand drawn Police cruiser at the bottom, starts: 'Dear Police Officer, Thank you for protecting me and my family and my friends.’

Okay, maybe some of the words weren’t quite spelled that way, but the sentiment was the same. Six-year-old Sammy Daneman certainly has respect for first responders.

The note Sammy Daneman wrote to Fort Worth Police (Pic: Julie Guess Daneman)

The note Sammy Daneman wrote to Fort Worth Police (Pic: Julie Guess Daneman)

“A police, a paramedic, a firefighter, or a baseball player,” he responded after being asked about his future job.

He could change the world doing any of those things, but it’s that note he wrote to Fort Worth’s first responders as part of a class assignment that has left a mark this 1st Grader and his classmates never could’ve guessed.

"When they write a letter that’s so touching, and they share that emotion with you, it’s important we share that with the rest of the Police Department,” said Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald.

Fort Worth’s finest brought all 116 Bette Perot 1st Graders to the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex Wednesday to thank them, to announce they’re hanging Sammy’s note there for good, and to have some fun!

There were fire trucks to check out.

“I've never had a field trip like this,” said 1st Grader Lauren Bynum. "I want to be a firefighter when I grow up.”

And you could tell by the smile on her face when she met one of Fort Worth’s firefighters.

They also had mounted Police, SWAT, K-9 units and MedStar paramedics all to give the kids a good time and let them know those positions of power are supposed to be there for them not there to hurt them.

"If we keep having positive contact with them, if we keep an open and transparent relationship with kids then they’ll grow up to understand that police officers are noble people,” Chief Fitzgerald said.

After thanking the Police for protecting the public and taking bad people to jail, Sammy Daneman’s note wrapped up: ‘Love, Sammy.'

And isn’t that love the true key to our future?

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