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Police Find Giant Bazooka Used to Shoot Drugs Over US-Mexico Border

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SONORA, Mexico  — Federal police in Mexico have uncovered a huge weapon in the drug war: a bazooka!

Police said the 10-foot air cannon was mounted on a van and can be used to shoot drugs into the air and across the border and into the United States.

The contraption was set up just across the border from Douglas, Ariz. That's where police discovered the drug-wielding device, along with the customized van that allowed the cannon to fire out of the van's rear hood.

The drug bazooka works a lot like the T-shirt cannons you see at sporting events, except this one happens to be a lot bigger!

Authorities said the bazooka had a gas motor for an air compressor that powered it and an air storage tank, too.

Of course, this isn't the first time smugglers have used such a creative method of delivering drugs.

Back in 2013, authorities found a marijuana cannon  in the border town of Mexicali, Mexico.

And apparently, legendary stoner Tommy Chong has been in the market for one since March as he sent out a cheeky tweet saying, "Where can I buy a marijuana cannon for my backyard?"

Now that the drug bazooka has been located, who knows what smugglers will come up with next.

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