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New App is Helping Teens Land Much Needed Jobs

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DALLAS - Looking to make a little scratch? We're talking cash for those who are scratching their heads. Well, we've got some good news! An app called Skratch has just launched, and it helps teens find paid jobs in their neighborhoods. Which means, if the honey-do-list is getting out of hand, it's a quick fix to post on the Skratch app for a teen to pick up.

"They can work when they want, how they want, for who they want," app creator Scott Bennett explains.

Let's face it, the days of part time gigs that work around school and band are long gone.

"The days of doing a shift for a teenager just isn`t there anymore. And the minimum wage is rising, and so, with the rise of minimum wage, teens are the ones that are suffering," said Bennett.

So no more going door to door. That part time gig is just a phone click away.

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