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#MakeAmericaDrunkAgain. Are You Game?

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Who knew mixing politics and alcohol could create quite the buzz?! #MakeAmericaDrunkAgain is making its rounds on the internet! PC or not,  any type of party can join in on the so-called "Debate Drinking Game."

All you need is the booze and a list of rules. For example:

  • When Hillary diverts a question about her email you have to drink.


  • When Trump makes a face that looks like your favorite emoji... Go ahead and drink!

  • When Trump says the word 'huge' ... or 'yuge' ... you guessed it: DRINK!


The complete list of rules is trending via social media or you could just make up your own! By the end of the game, uh, DEBATE, you should be looking like this:

Whether you're sippin' on water or whiskey, don't debate and drive. Besides,  the real winners are the ones who can make it  to the polls come November.

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