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Financial Expert Explains How to Take a Different Approach to Investing

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DALLAS -- One of the strategies used by Symphony Financial Group when it comes to investments is to use tactical active money managers. These are not the same as those in the brokerage world; these money managers are strategic and can move your portfolio to cash or out of harm's way.

In 2007-08, the market was down over 50%; the worst that SFG's money managers did was lose 8%. The key is the ability to take it to cash.

Most retail mutual funds must be invested in the market and cannot go to cash. They go where the market goes, whether it's up, down, or sideways. With the actively managed professional retirement money design, we don't have those big swings. This is ideal for those who can't stomach the market or who are more conservative and just want less volatility.

This is slowly gaining popularity because it takes away the worry and anxiety of investing and when there's a recession and you're in retirement, they can definitely keep you from going bankrupt.

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