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Paging Derek Holland! Dutch Ovens Part of Annual State Fair Cook Off

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DALLAS -- We know the Texas Rangers are chasing a pennant, but hand that ball over Derek Holland! There was a different dutch oven doing work in Dallas on this day.

Big Tex isn't saying, "Howdy!" at the State Fair of Texas until Friday, but there was some serious action in Fair Park Sunday with cook offs for chili, barbecue, and yes, dutch ovens.

"I've been judging chili all my life unofficially, but officially, I've been judging at the State Fair of Texas for 19 years," said longtime judge Kirk Williams.

On the line was the trophy that looks suspiciously like an Oscar, but even better -- it's a Big Tex Award.

Michelle Kirk won the chili crown in 2014.

"Being from Dallas and getting to win the State Fair, that was big on my priority list," she said.

So what would she say for win number two?

"I don't know if we can say this on TV. That'd be, 'Hell yeah!'" she said.

It's that serious, y'all!

For some, the key to victory is all about a tried and true preparation.

"I have done the same recipe every year. Exact same recipe on the chicken," said 2012 chicken champion Jerrod Angel.

For others, it's more of a formula.

"You're looking for a powder that has a red color, you're looking for a powder that has a little bit of heat, and then you're looking for a poster that's just a really good chili taste," said multi-year placer Kerry Turner.

If it's Big Tex approved, then who's to argue that? It's just too bad we couldn't get the Rangers' Dutch Oven to marshal the dutch oven delicacies of the masses.

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