Dallas Doctors Research Stem Cells for Pain

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DALLAS - As you get older, the biggest pain in the neck can be the pain in your hips and knees. Doctors normally shoot patients up with steroids.

But that gets old.

"The problem with steroids is, they only last for about three to six months,” Dr. Pablo Zeballos of Interventional Spine & Pain says,

Doctors say a new hip and trendy cure may be in the works. Stem cell injections may be the new norm.

“We’ve seen significant benefits with that, and there's two different ways of getting stem cells. You need a stem cell from your own body or you can get stem cells from amniotic fluid," said Dr. Zeballos

The doctor says stem cell injections can be an alternative to surgery and help regenerate the tissue in your shoulders, knees, and hips.

The shots can last a lifetime. But while some countries outlaw stem cell research, Texas doctors are taking baby steps to stop pain. Even Governor Rick Perry has taken the stem cell plunge.

“I would probably say in the next three to five years, more and more of us are going to have more of an open mind with stem cells,” Dr. Pablo Zeballos of Interventional Spine & Pain said.