Class Act: Dallas ISD Student Can Destroy & Repair Computer in 6 Minutes

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DALLAS — Breaking stuff for science and breaking the mold of what a computer whiz looks like. That’s what makes Lesly Zamora our Class Act of the Week.

Lesly is a senior at Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, and she has a very interesting passion.

“I like to destroy things and fix them,” she said.

And by that, she means she is a computer genius. She caught the whole district’s attention when video of her dismantling and reassembling a computer tower hit the web.

“I’ve been doing it ever since my junior year. It was just something I liked to do,” Lesly explained. “I also can do the same with a laptop, but that takes me a little bit more time. I told the media that I can do it in 10 minutes, but since all my experience that I’ve had, I did it in under six minutes.”

It’s not just a party trick. She knows this tech inside and out, and it’s part of her life’s plans as she plans on attending UNT or Texas Women’s University to major in computer engineering.

Needless to say, with skills like this, she’s already her friend’s personal IT gal.

“Everytime they have a problem with their computers or their laptops, even teachers with their desktop, they send someone to look for me so I can fix their issue,” said Lesly.

Well, if she can tear apart and repair a computer that fast, odds are she’ll be able to fix the issue before tech support even gets you off hold!

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