China’s Out of Control Space Station On a Crash Course with Earth

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JIUQUAN, CHINA -- There's nothing like knowing a more than 18,000 lb spaceship headed toward Earth, right?

After being in space for five years, the Tiangong-1 is expected to crash through the Earth's atmosphere in late 2017.

The Chinese government launched Tiangong-1, also known as heavenly palace, in 2011. Crews stopped working on the spacecraft three years ago.

This week, China announced it lost control of the spacecraft.  A man from El Paso, Texas said he realized the realized the space station was out of control back in June.

There is good news behind this scary story. The Chinese believe most of the spacecraft will disintegrate as it breaks into the Earth's atmosphere.

With the good news comes the bad news. Parts of the space station might not tear up into tiny pieces. Scientists believe the denser pieces of the engine will hit land or fall into the ocean. It's not expected to happen until late next year.