Chew on This: Pak Pao

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DALLAS – Change is good, especially when it comes to food. That's why Chef Pierre Trevino took his culinary talents to the world of Thai food.
"I came, I would say a few years out of culinary school, worked at a restaurant attached to a hotel for a while, and just really wanted to try something different," Trevino told NewsFix.

And he's bringing a fresh take on some traditional dishes at PakPao in Dallas' Design District.

"This biggest culture change was really just the ingredients,” Trevino said. “Working with things like galanga and fingerroot, which is wild ginger."

And he's using these ingredients to bring flavor and flair to dishes like the Druken Noodles and the crispy fried chicken curry with pumpkin, the perfect fall treat.

Chew On This: Chef Trevino is shaking things up by offering brunch - Thai style.

"Brunch is a really big thing in Dallas,” Trevino said. “And we want to be able to have something to cater to everybody."

And their brunch menu is PakPaoing the punch. From the savory – like the pork congee -- to the sweet, like the Thai Tea French toast.

Whether you're keeping it traditional or stepping outside of the box, it's safe to say PakPao will leave you wowed!