Big Tex is Up! Iconic Statue Honors Fallen Officers

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DALLAS - It`s a North Texas tradition; right before the leaves begin to fall Big Tex rises.

Next week marks opening day for the State Fair of Texas but the process of getting Tex up and running started Friday morning.

“It`s like an orchestra,” explains VP of Operations Rusty Fitzgerald. “I mean we really have to plan it out and get everything in detail and make sure we have all the stuff here.”

Big Tex`s wardrobe is always big news, but this year it takes on special significance due to a ribbon that`s been added to his shirt in honor of the fallen officers of July 7th`s ambush in downtown Dallas.

“We`re just very proud that he will have that on and wear that throughout the run of the fair this year,” says State Fair spokeswoman Karissa Condoianis.

She continued by revealing that the show of appreciation doesn`t stop with the ribbon, “We are also going to hold a first responders day during the fair which will be held on Friday, October 14th... law enforcement, paramedics, fire and rescue and other agencies will be able to enter the fair for free and bring up to three family members with them for free as well.”

It`s a gesture that`s appreciated by the men and women in blue, like officer Danny Williams of Dallas PD, “We realize that the State Fair and also the citizens of Dallas are in our corner and that kind of just shows how far in our corner they are.”

The crowd in attendance cheered the crew on as Big Tex rose into the spot he`ll occupy for the next month.

So even though this year's fair will have the same fun and games as previous years, a reminder of the sacrifices that have been made to keep it that way will be on full display all fair long.