And This is How an Itsy, Bitsy Spider Caused a Major Crash…

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PORTLAND, OR -- Distracted driving can cause some serious issues. What happens when that distraction isn't something that a driver can control?

A woman in Portland flipped her car when a spider dropped from her rearview mirror!

Washington Country  deputies tweeted out this warning to drivers, reminding them that "spider season" is back.

While it looked like a pretty serious crash, news outlets in Oregon are reporting the driver only suffered minor injuries.

This isn't the only an itsy, bitsy spider caused some mayhem.

Almost exactly one year ago, an Indiana woman jumped out of the driver's seat while she was driving when she saw a spider on her shoulder. Her 9-year-old son was in the car at the time. He tried to take over the wheel, but hit a school bus when he accelerated instead of stepping on the brake.

An example of killing a spider the wrong way is trying to set it on fire. One man tried to do while at the gas pump. He managed to find a fire extinguisher when the pump caught fire.

Spiders can also cause some funny moments for an audience. A Canadian meteorologist was pretty frightened when a spider showed up on the weather camera during a newscast for Global News.

Of course, you can't forget the mutant spider dog when it comes to arachnid pranks.

If you're ever in that kind of situation, just remember to think before you kill one of those creepy, crawly insects.