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24 Dallas-Inspired Tats That’ll Make You Say ‘Wow’

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By Tamara McCullough, NewsCastic

Texas Pride runs deep in the veins of any red-blooded Texan. You can see it on the bumper stickers of the F-150s barreling down the street, on the shirts and caps of patriotic Texans and hear it in the braggadocio of any bar crawler in the Lone Star State. The same holds true when it comes to the Big D.

Dallasites take the Big D so seriously that some are willing to make a permanent statement with their bodies. Yes, tattoos! Check out these 25 Dallas-inspired tats that’ll make you say “wow,” “why?” or maybe just leave you speechless. We’ll let you be the judge of that!

Back-ing the QB

Though Tony Romo’s back is not what it used to be, this die-hard Cowboys fan will always have his back in big, bold fashion.


As a rookie, defensive end, Randy Gregory, knew that he would always rep the Boys, so he got the trademark star tattooed on his arm.

No Super Bowl? No Problem

While the Cowboys have had a long championship drought, this fan had no problem inking the #9 in honor of the Boys not making the Super Bowl.

Say it Loud, Say it Proud

No matter where he goes, everybody will know this guy is from the Triple D with his signature “D” in the Cowboys’ classic star.

Drippin’ Dallas

How do you show pride for your home city no matter where you are? You get a tat that drips the famous Dallas skyline down your arm to clear up any confusion.

Keeping the Skyline Close

You can’t get more classic than the Dallas skyline tatted on you as a reminder of your love for the Big D.

On A Dark and Spooky Night…

If this doesn’t make you saw “wow,” nothing will. The Dallas skyline meets a lightning storm for a one-of-a-kind tattoo that’s truly electrifying.

Skyline Pride

Dallas is known for its skyline, so who wouldn’t want the marvel tatted on their arm? This guy can always feel at one with the Big D.

A Star is Born

Now, this tat covers all the bases. It represents 214, the Dallas skyline and the Cowboys all in one swoop. A Dallas trifecta!

Head of the Class

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Nobody can ever question where this guy is from with this “head of the class” tattoo. This “City Boy” isn’t shy about his Dallas pride.

Howdy, Folks

To mark the untimely death of the beloved Big Tex, this Dallasite decided to emblazon the larger-than-life character on his arm. RIP, Big Tex.

Dallas on Ice

You didn’t think we would skip the Stars, right? This ferocious tat shows Dallas love extends past the turf and onto the ice.

Hand(ling) the Star

Photo Courtesy of Tonka Hervey II

Tonka Hervey II’s love of Dallas is always right at hand, literally…

T-E-X-A-S is How You Spell Success

Photo Courtesy of Tonka Hervey II

…And he completes the look with his “Texas” tattoo. What a matching pair!

Home is Where the Tat Is

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Portley

Why did Bobby Portley get the Dallas skyline tatted on him? “I was living out of state and I missed home.” Now, that’s inspired!

T for Texas Rangers

This may not be the flashiest tattoo on the list, but it’s definitely inspired by the DFW’s own Texas Rangers.

Dallas is Never Far ‘Behind’

This guy will always be behind the Texas Rangers, like, literally since he has the “T” tatted on his behind!

Mavs & Boys Together Forever

What to do if you love both the Boys and the Mavs? Combine them into one cool tattoo like this sports fan did.

X Marks the Spot

Dez Bryant will always be remembered for his great on-field “X” and this fan will keep the memory alive with Dez in his trademark position. X really does mark the spot!

Death and Texas

Skull tattoos are pretty common but one great way to jazz one up is to show a little Texas Rangers love with it!

True Dallas Representer

How do you truly represent Dallas to the fullest? You combine some of the best elements that make Dallas great — Cowboys, Mavs and Rangers. Go, sports!

Hand it To This Fan

“Who’s your favorite team?” Show hand. Yes, if you have this awesome Mavericks tattoo that’s all you have to do to show your love for the Mavs.

Dallas Does Sports

It’s easy to show your love and admiration for two great teams with a tattoo like this. Combine the star of the Cowboys with the horse of the Mavs and you have a winning pair!

Full Representation

Let’s wrap up our story with a tat covering a full representation of Dallas at its best: Cowboys, Rangers, Stars and Mavericks. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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