Why You May Need to Ditch Your Fitness Tracker… Now!

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CHICAGO -- When it comes to fitness, seems like what works and what doesn't work changes every five minutes.

The latest craze is the fitness tracker. It promotes setting and achieving goals, has daily reminders, and keeps you focused to help you lose weight, right?

Well, according to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh, these trackers are tracking something, but it isn't weight loss! They may actually be the reason the pounds are staying put.

Yeah, over the course of two years, the university's Department of Health and Physical Activity studied 470 people with a low calorie diet. After six months, they gave half a fitness tracker.

The results showed people with a fitness tracker lost about seven pounds, and the ones without it, lost a whopping 13 pounds.

Now, the study didn't really say why those without a tracker lost more weight.  Yet, experts seem to think the trackers set unrealistic goals for people to reach, resulting in many throwing in the towel.

Bottom line is, if you’re one of those people constantly thinking of ways to increase your step count, keep the tracker. But if it isn't working for you, ditch it!