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Cops in Riot Gear as Protesters Hit Downtown Dallas

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DALLAS — Things got a little tense in downtown Dallas Thursday night as protesters hit the streets blocking traffic.


SEPTEMBER 22: Dallas PD officers in riot gear as protesters block the street

Dallas PD officers were out in full force, some decked out in riot gear as Next Generation Action Network staged the protest following the deaths of two more black men — Terence Cutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Keith Lamont Scott of Charlotte, North Carolina — at the hands of police.


Even though tempers flared, the protest remained peaceful.

Fast forward to Friday, the Dallas Black Police Officers Association along with protest organizers held a press conference on what they call an “epidemic” of officer involved shootings not necessarily in north Texas but around the country.

“The epidemic is real, some people disagree with that. Another media outlet made that apart of the story, but if you go up to another one of those families and asks them if its an epidemic, then I am sure they’ll say, ‘Hell yeah,” Lt. Thomas Glover said.

The Association laid out a plan to help ease tensions through transparency and having civilian groups like the one who organized Thursday’s protest, weigh in on the situation.

“I think the DBA standing with us with the civil review board, with subpoena power is a good step in the right direction to bring accountability.”

alexander made a surprise appearance  at the protest after his latest run-in with the law for violating his probation..

Dominique Alexander says he’s moving forward and says he agrees with the DBA stance that officer involved shootings have become an epidemic but I’m sure we all can agree, when anyone dies, it’s a tragedy

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