North Korea Accidentally Lets the World Know It Has Only 28 Websites

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The World Wide Web ain’t too wide in North Korea!

The super secretive state somehow made its secret internet public this week — and revealed that it apparently only has 28 websites.

Earlier this week, a list of websites registered to the domain “.kp” somehow showed up publicly for the rest of the web — likely by accident — and revealed a list of only 28 websites registered under .kp — in contrast to the millions registered under other country domains (such as “.uk,” for the United Kingdom) or the 140 million-plus registered under “.com.”

An American engineer first noticed the list and posted to Github, according to Not all of the websites can be accessed, others are very slow to load, according to

A Reddit page has a list of all of the discovered websites and users are having a lot of fun commenting.

“I think there are more websites on the internet in GTA 5 than NK,” user LefthandedLunatic posted.

It’s all grins and giggles everywhere else in the world, but someone in North Korea is probably in a whole lot of trouble.