It’s All Good: Linkin Park has a Rockin’ Foundation That Saves Lives!

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This week, we're looking at Linkin Park. There's no denying it, the multi-platinum rock stars have had a long reign in the industry. But what really strikes a chord with the band is doing some good, which is why the rockers created their nonprofit Music For Relief.

"We have 61 miles of coastline that music for relief is working to protect," said Linkin Park drummer, Rob Bourdon. "There's a ton of people who don`t have your basic human essentials."

The band has worked hard to rebuild communities faced with the fallout from natural disasters and combat the ongoing threat of rising sea levels.

"It's a passion project for me, because I'm really passionate about the ocean and surfing," Bourdon added.

Sounds like this band is one step closer to saving places like the precious Mexican Mangroves.

"For that reason, I think it's really special to do some projects down here and just get involved with a space so close to home," said guitarist Dave Farrell. "It's not only close, it's also special."

Linkin Park is saving the planet while still rocking out!