GUILTY: What’s Next for Enrique Arochi

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COLLIN COUNTY -- After two long years, the mystery of what happened to Christina Morris seems to be solved. Enrique Arochi, the man last seen with the missing woman, was convicted of aggravated kidnapping.

The verdict came as visible relief to Morris' family.  Her mother, Joni McElroy, sobbed in the courtroom before pumping her fist walking down the courthouse steps.

"We can breathe," said Anna Morris, Christina's stepmom. "I feel like the right thing happened."

But it's not the end of the story.

"It's far from over. Christina's still missing," Morris added.

The mystery of where Christina is remains, and so does the question of what's next for Enrique Arochi.

But could those questions be linked?  Say Arochi did finally give up a location, could he use that information to land a lighter sentence?

We asked Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback for some insight.

"In theory, he could negotiate based on some information he has," Ruback told NewsFix.  "However, I don't see that happening. He's steadfastly proclaimed his innocence for over two years now.  All of a sudden, now that he's been convicted, is he going to turn around and say, 'You guys are right, I've been lying for the last two years, I did it'?  I don't think that's going to happen."

Ruback says that would hurt Arochi's chances of appealing his conviction, which he's likely to do if the sentence is harsh.

But a harsh sentence and no Christina is his best bet at keeping his charges at just kidnapping.

"On the other hand, if he gets a lesser sentence - just a few years - from the jury, I think they're going to be looking to find a way to bring a murder charge at some point in the future," Ruback said.

Talk about a rock and a hard place.

But not as hard as the place Christina's family has spent the last two years.  Here's hoping they get the answers they're looking for.

The sentencing phase for Arochi starts Monday morning.