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Sports League Using Technology in Fight Against Unruly Fans

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ZEIST, NETHERLANDS - There were a lot of big hits handed out this football weekend and we`re not talking about the ones that happened on the field. In Oakland and L.A., fans decided to turn a spectator sport into a full-contact one.

Not necessarily the type of fans you want to see back in your stadium anytime soon. Well, the NFL could take note of what at least one sports organization is doing to get rid of its unruly fans.

The Dutch football association, known as the KNVB, is on the verge of using GPS and biometric technology to make sure bad fans never get back into the stadium.

The KNVB has created a handheld device in conjunction with security firm G4S that will be given to a banned fan. the fan will then be forced to sign into the device with a registered fingerprint ID while the GPS feature will monitor the fan`s location.

On game days, the fan will be forced to identify themselves three times; before the match, during the match and then after the match. The new measures are being put in place to make sure those who’ve been kicked out don't sneak into the stadium to watch.

Maybe one day the NFL will adopt a similar system so that the only fights fans have to worry about are the one's taking place on the gridiron.

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