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East Dallas Burglar’s Mug Faces Social Media

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DALLAS - Imagine it: a home invasion while your family's asleep.

Video of a burglar shows him walking up to a home, holding his pants, scoping out the house to see what he can get.

Mouk Chounlamany now had an intruder in his house at 5:40 in the morning. His pregnant wife in bed heard a commotion in the kitchen.

“I grabbed the hammer, I was going outside, My mentality kicked in and I was like, ‘I am going to get him. I'm going to surprise him and if I see him, what ever happens, happens,'" said Chounlamany.

Good thing for the burglar, because Mouk is a former military police officer. He explains what would have happened if he  grabbed a gun instead of his hammer. “I know what I can do with a gun and if I use it, then I don’t think he would have a chance," He said.

The intruder made off with a purse and a wallet while dashing off in east Dallas. Police showed up and said detectives would be in touch, but Mouk had plans of his own to find the perp. He put the video on social media and watched it grow. Mouk adds, "I think we had like six, seven eight hundred shares and it blew up so much."

So you can run but you can’t hide, especially with good mug on social media.

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