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Study Says 1 in 5 CEO’s are Psychopaths

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Have you ever asked yourself, 'What makes a true psychopath?'

Well, according to a study out of Bond University and the University of San Diego, one in five CEO’s could be psychopaths.

The researchers studied nearly 300 senior professionals in the U.S. and found 21% had significant levels of psychopathic traits.

“I was having this discussion with one of my friends about psychopaths and CEO's and their comment was, 'Would you really know if you are one?' So maybe I am and don't know it! But I know in reading the articles in the list, it's exactly opposed to what I am about in running my business.”

CEO Charles Horton knows his way around the office and even has a book on how to motivate folks in everyday life. But Horton says, the characteristics of a psychopath -- like a huge ego, pathological lying, and lack of guilt -- don’t mesh well for running a successful business.

“You have to be successful in building a team, empowering people to create and hit their own goals, and that to me is not the same as being a psychopath.”

So if you’ve always thought your company was run by a psychopath, maybe it wasn't all in your head!

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