Gun-Toting Women Trigger Popular New Dating Web Site

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI -- We get it: Sometimes it's a shot in the dark finding that special someone who shares your political views.

Take concealed carry, for example. Millions take pride in exercising their Second Amendment rights while others might use the First Amendment to protest it! Well now, new dating site is taking aim at finding love for the singles packing heat.

The site says they provide a "respectful, safe, unique, online dating community dedicated to fostering relationships between like minded individuals...."

Believe it or not, the ladies are the ones who triggered the idea.

In a press release the owner mentions how "concealed carry permits amongst women in the U.S. have risen by 270% since 2007." He also notes that, based off the site's recent statistics, women are the first ones to know what they want in a spouse.

We see no harm in giving this site a "shot." Besides, it might give a whole new meaning to the term "pistol-whipped."